Kettle Hat Hot End

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The kettle hat hot end is a diy hotend intended for those who don't have a lathe.

At first you need a M6 acorn nut made of brass with a 0.5mm hole at the top, a 40 mm long M6 rod made of stainless steel with a drilled trough hole of 3.2 mm, a washer with 30 mm diameter, and an M6 nut.


There are 3 types of holes in the washer: 8 mm, 3 mm and 2mm.

Now assemble the parts:


Wind heating wire around the base of the acorn nut and fixate a termistor to the nut. Insulate the wire with silicone tube.


Now take a second washer and omit the 2 mm holes. Instead of 8mm the big hole has a diameter of 9.5 mm this time.

Assemble it in front of the first washer.