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This page is a development stub. Please enhance this page by adding information, cad files, nice big images, and well structured data!

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Seedling Basic Repstrap-Huxley Development

Release status: experimental

A basic simple 3D printer based on Huxley to print all the parts needed to build Huxley or Mendel uses only materials & components that anyone can make or buy. Low cost low tech.
CAD Models
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Note: Huxley is optimized to be printed. 


For the last two years I have been building various RepStrap versions of Darwin, Mendel trying to devise simple ways to build these printed self replicating machines. Huxley Seedling is based on all of the experience gained building the previous RepStraps. I built two of these RepStraps in February 2010 This will be the final rendition/ re-design.

This is the very First posting of all the components and drawings used to build a Huxley Seedling machine.

Note: Sebastien I have not blogged this design.. ;-) Nophead saw some of the early parts in February when we meet up. 


Made the drawings for new Worm Extruder Drive MKV.

Made the component parts for Worm Extruder Drive MKV.

Build the Worm Extruder Drive MKV.

Test the Worm Extruder Drive MKV.

Learning to drive this wiki!

Lots of drawings and then draw all of them again as lost all of the previous drawings!!!!

Then re-making every part from those drawings might try other means to make from drawings..

Estimated total cost just below £200 in parts.

To do list

Documenting each stage

Photographing the build process.

Listing raw materials tools etc.

Spell checking every thing.

Working Notes

Low cost bearing solutions based on RepStrap Bertha builds alowing for upgrade to high quality linear bearings. We spent an interesting day at Fab Lab MCR [1] testing some of the drawings out using the Lazer cutter[2]. Slight modifications are required to some of the drawings.




Worm Extruder Drive MKV Drawings go here Plus repstrap Huxley component drawings.


Basic tools:- Printer, Glue Sticks, Electric Drill with stand, Hack saw, Sharp Chisels metric drills Hand saw.

Advanced tools:- Pedistal Drill, Chop Saw, Dremel, router, Jigsaw, Band saw, Scroll saw any electric cutting tool.

Technophobe tools:- CNC or Laser Cutter or a vist to your nearest FAB LAB.


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