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This page is a development stub. Please enhance this page by adding information, cad files, nice big images, and well structured data!

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Release status: experimental

CAD Models
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A miniaturization of the Mendel design. The machine uses M6 threaded rods and M3 nuts and bolts (as opposed to the M8/M4 used on Mendel) and NEMA 14 steppers. The reprapped parts are about 30% of the volume of those for Mendel, which is to say it could reproduce three times faster.

Here's a close up rendered by M.BrittCrane: MiniMendel.png

I've found suppliers for all of the parts, and the estimated cost of the Mini-mendel would be under 350 euros (in Europe). Note that because the design is not yet stable, you may need to order more to get everything working satisfactory.

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You can ask ErikDeBruijn for edit permissions to this Google Docs sheet.


Apart from the sources listed here, also check out the forSale-subforum in the RepRap-forum.

Printed parts


Identical to Mendel or you can use the BitsFromBytes -electronics that allow standalone operation from SD-card. When using the BitsFromBytes electronics, be advised that this requires a proprietary tool chain to build new firmware that works with the mini-mendel. Also, the latest versions of the source code for their electronics are frequently not publicly available.



Bowden cable



Standard 3xNEMA14 and 1xNEMA17(extruder) steppers. Smaller and less expensive than on the full sized Mendel.

Sources (steppers):

Sources (Allegro A4983 based stepper-drivers):

(or use the BitsFromBytes-electronic that include stepper-drivers)


The MiniMendel uses a bowden-extruder that has less moving mass and thus higher speed due to the stepper not being on the print-head.

Sources for parts:

Timing belt

The MiniMendel uses the same 5mm pitch Synchroflex timing belt as is used on the Mendel.
"Synchroflex(R) timing belt,800Lx10Wmm" and
"Synchroflex(R) timing belt,550Lx10Wmm"



Nuts and bolts

All metric and obtainable in every home-improvement-store. 608-bearings can be found cheap everywhere you can buy or repair a skateboard.

Thick sheets

These 2 sheets can be cut from plexiglass or wood with simple tools.

Success stories

Ongoing development

  • Marcus created a Shelled MiniMendel that only required 110g of ABS and less then 10h to print. (It may be filled with epoxy after printing but that is not required in all cases.)
  • The Mini-Mendel is the first step in optimizing replication time; further steps in that direction are discussed at RepRap Breeder.