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This page is a development stub. Please enhance this page by adding information, cad files, nice big images, and well structured data!

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Release status: experimental

CAD Models
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A miniaturization of the Mendel design. The machine uses M6 threaded rods and M3 nuts and bolts (as opposed to the M8/M4 used on Mendel) and NEMA 14 steppers. The reprapped parts are about 30% of the volume of those for Mendel, which is to say it could reproduce three times faster.

Here's a close up rendered by M.BrittCrane: MiniMendel.png

I've found suppliers for all of the parts, and the estimated cost of the Mini-mendel would be under 350 euros (in Europe). Note that because the design is not yet stable, you may need to order more to get everything working satisfactory.

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You can ask ErikDeBruijn for edit permissions to this Google Docs sheet.


Apart from the sources listed here, also check out the forSale-subforum in the RepRap-forum.

printed parts


Identical to Mendel or you can use the BitsFromBytes -electronics that allow standalone operation from SD-card.


Standard 3xNEMA14 and 1xNEMA17(extruder) steppers. Smaller and less expensive then on the full sized Mendel.

sources (steppers):

sources (A4983 stepper-driver):

(or use the BitsFromBytes-electronic that include stepper-drivers)


The MiniMendel contains a bowden-extruder that has less moving mass and thus higher speed due to the stepper not being on the print-head.

sources for parts:

timing belt


nuts and bolts

All metric and obtainable in every home-improvement-store. 608-bearings can be found cheap everywhere you can buy or repair a skateboard.

thick sheets

These 2 sheets can be cut from plexiglass or wood with simple tools.

success stories

ongoing development

  • Marcus created a Shelled MiniMendel that only required 110g of ABS and less then 10h to print. (It may be filled with epoxy after printing but that is not required in all cases.)