How to Print RepRapPro Mendel

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You can print all the plastic parts for a complete RepRapPro Mendel in another Mendel or any other model of RepRap, of course.

You can also print them using virtually any other 3D printer such as a MakerBot, Stratasys or 3D Systems printer. (The only 3D printers known not to work are ZCorp powder printers - their manufactured parts are too weak.)

This page tells you all you need to know in order to print a Mendel for yourself, for a friend, or for sale.

For complete building and commissioning instructions for RepRapPro Mendel, go to this wiki page. The picture on the right shows all the printed parts, divided into the order in which they are needed for the build. The ordering is top left, down the columns, then to the next column over to the right, and so on.

RepRapPro Mendel is here in the Thingiverse. All the STL files that you need are there, and the number of each item you need to print is in its file name (thus, for example, you print two "xy-endstop-2off.stl").