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This is a page which will hopefully build up comparisons of features of extruders to enable one to make a choice when buying an extruder, and also contains a list of discussions for quick reference

Please don't edit other peoples entries, just add your own to the bottom (even if it duplicates the hotend).

Comparison Table

Name Rating1 (out of 10) Cost Extrusion Material Input Diameter (mm) Output Diameter (mm) Direct / Bowden Temp 1st Layer2 Temp 2nd+ layers2 Time to 220C3 (sec) Wattage @ 220C4 (Watts) Ooze (cubic mm)5 Average Retraction Required6 Comments User Name
Example 9/10 UK£10 = US$20 ABS/PLA 1.75mm 0.5mm D 240C 220C 300s 5W 20mm 1mm (with 3mm filament) This is a fictional example myname

1. Rating: Your subjective rating out of 10 of hot-end performance compared with 'The Perfect Hotend'

2. Note the temperatures you generally use to get good prints

3. Quickest time to get from room temp (approx 23degC) to 220degC. Doesn't necessarily have to be stable as this will be dependent on firmware. 220 was chosen arbitrarily as a reasonable temperature for a race without dramatically stressing the hotend. You might want to aim for something high (eg 300) to avoid firmware decreasing the power as target temperature is approached.

4. Wattage to keep the hotend at 200degC. This should measured while at a stable temperature and (ideally) averaged over a minute (?or so).

5. Ooze: Measured in cubic millimetres over 30 seconds at 2nd+ layer temperature without retraction and pulled entirely by gravity (ie not touching bed). The most accurate way is probably to weigh it and compare against a more consistent diameter as the extruded filament gets progressively thinner

6. Average Retraction: Measured as mm of retraction during a typical print

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