Gen7 ExtensionBoard LCD SD FAN

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Gen7 LCD SD FAN ExtensionBoard

Release status: working

Gen7LCD SD FAN-Control.jpg
Extension Board for Gen7
GPL v2
CAD Models
External Link

Gen7LCD SD FAN Mounted.jpg

This is an extension board for Generation 7 Electronics providing an LCD Display, Micro SD CardReader, Fan Control and an Bluetooth RF Module.

Git Repository


The Schematics generated with 2 Programs. I switched from Eagle to DesignSparK PCB during the Project. Didn't had Time to rebuild the ExtensionBoard PCB in DesignSpark.

ExtensionBoard (Plugged into Gen7) is Build with Eagle.

LCD Board (LCD Display,CardReader,Control) is Build with DesignSpark.


Name Count Designations Vendor Remarks
Trim-Resistor 10k Ohms 1 R1 Pollin
Connector 2x7 2 U1/SV1 Pollin
PCF8574AN 1 U2 Pollin
74HC4050 1 U3 Reichelt
Encoder 1 U4 Pollin
Switch 12x12mm 1 S1 Pollin
Capacitor 100n 1 C1 Reichelt
Micro-SD Socket 1 X1 Watterott Molex 492250821
Ribbon Cable 14way 1 Pollin
Sockets for Ribbon Cable 2x7 2 - Pollin
1N4004 Diode 1 D1 Reichelt
Power Connector 1 J1 Reichelt
Pin Header 1x14 2 JP1/2 Pollin
Socket Header 1x4 1 JP3 Reichelt For Bluetooth Modul
Bluetooth Module 1 - Ebay
3mm LED Red 1 LED1 Reichelt
MOSFET IRLB 8743 1 Q1 Reichelt
Resistor 560 Ohms 1 R1 Reichelt
Resistor 10 Ohms 1 R2 Reichelt
Resistor 10k Ohms 2 R3/4 Reichelt
Screw Terminal 2x 2 X1/2 Reichelt X1 PWM Fan / X2 Cooling Fan Electronics