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The rules for the Kartik M. Gada Humanitarian Innovation Prize are specified at

While you may have personal blogs and other spaces where you enjoy working on RepRap-related research and development, please use the RepRap website for your Gada Prize entries, as the RepRap website is where we keep track of user research and development. This way we (and you) can keep track of user contributions using the mediawiki tools.

Remember, documentation is fun, and "It's not done 'till it's documented!" More seriously, the fact that you keep your research notes, photographs, video, parts files, renderings, and so on here means we'll know when you had an idea or did a bit of work. Most importantly, note that competition entries have to tell what they are doing while they are doing it; to quote from the rules: "Participating teams are expected to regularly publish and make available their technology on an ongoing basis." These wiki pages are your lab notebooks, only fun. See also Full Documentation.

Please log-in to register you and your team, create a new page for your project, and please feel free to edit the rest of the wiki!

Secret Cabal Open Mailing List

RepRap is an open mailing list. We'd be honored if you join us and tell us about your research and your machine.

You can also use our dedicated Gada Prize forum but since you're a RepRap developer doing RepRap development, reprap-dev is probably the perfect place to talk about your research.

Team Registration (This is still open and will be for some time.)

To add a team please edit this section. See Wiki Help.

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