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The RepRap Team is considering the option of participating in Google Summer of Code (GSoC) 2010 as a means of increasing our development efforts.

With the development and rapid evolution of Mendel software, firmware and electrical areas of the RepRap project may be being out paced by hardware development. Current hardware designs have their limitations as well and certainly in the area of tool heads there are many directions we could take. What do you think? Got an idea that you haven't had the time to get off the ground? Add it to the list!



  • Implement a generic low-level C/C++ software driver that can serve as a tool for existing and future RepRap softwares. Requirements:
    • OS-independent standardized API - POSIX/Windows - multiple implementations may be required. API should be highly documented and finalized.
    • High stability - end product should be at a maximum as buggy as the best existing drivers - otherwise it will not replace existing per-application drivers
    • Multi-Firmware - firmware independence is essential to the longevity and usefulness of the proposed driver level
  • Multi-Use - Python back-end to allow ease of functional expansion; rather than re-write code to do something, make a plug-in


  • "The Network is the RepRap" - develop a network compatible firmware upgrade for the existing RepRap motherboard as well as software driver and the relevant electronics.
    • Implement the RepRap as a CANBUS device so that it can interact with external automated devices.
    • Implement the RepRap as a ethernet enabled device so that it can cheaply network with consumer off the shelf routers and switches.
    • Implement open source versions of the libraries used in the RapMan electronics (v3 and v3.1) so that a complete firmware package can be distributed and innovated upon by the community. Additional challenges such as implementing an interactive serial over USB (or ethernet).


  • Work with Makerbot to finish the RepRap Gen 4 Electronics
  • Make simplest electronics design for at least PCB be printed by reprap
  • Move towards easier to source and lower cost chips, instead of eclectic ones


  • Port the tool change system to Mendel and integrate it with existing print heads.
  • Work on making a printable drive/support system, using some form of a Sarrus linkage
  • Heated Bed - it's the most important add on to RepRap however everyone is still doing his own version. We need to develop a cheap, acessible and simple Heated Bed.


  • Create an interactive guide that help someone to build a RepRap so that the entry level of building one is lower.

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