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Mendel uses a thermoplast extruder based on RepRap's Thermoplast Extruder Version 2.0. The principle is exactly the same, but a redesign has condensed the RP parts into one component. The non-RP parts remain the same, therefore please refer to the Thermoplast Extruder Version 2.0 documentation to make the non-RP components. The rest of this page will deal with the new assembly only.


Assembly qty: 1

Name Qty/assembly Total Qty Type
Thermal-barrier and nozzle 1 1 Assembly
pinch-wheel-bracket-NEMA17_604-bearing_1off.par 1 1 RP
m3-capx20.par 4 4 Fastener
m3-washer.par 4 4 Fastener
624-bearing.par 1 1 Bearing
m4-nylock.par 1 1 Fastener
m4-washer.par 5 5 Fastener
m4x16-cap.par 1 1 Fastener
m4x40-cap.par 2 2 Fastener
stepper-motor-nema17-fl42sth47-1684A-01.par 1 1 Motor

RP parts



  1. Secure bearing using M4x16 cap, and glue nozzle assembly into pinch wheel bracket. Follow Thermoplast Extruder Version 2.0 documentation for gluing procedure. Note orientation of copper barrel tang.
  2. Loosely attach motor. Motor wires should run upwards. Set distance between motor shaft and bearing to 2.5 mm – use the round shank of a 2.5 mm drill bit poked down the filament hole as a spacer. Lock motor into position. Load M4x40 caps for ready for next step.


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