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This page is necessarily less structured than the other Builder's Wiki pages, as it depends much more on the particular RepStrap being described.

Please create a link below for your RepStrap like this example entry:

But replace "My Web Site" with the name of your RepStrap:

[http://www.my-web-site-address.example.com/page.html My Web Site]


These are all machines we don't have documentation for

RepStraps that need categorization

McWire RepStrap

Bob Teeter's RepStrap EMCRepStrap PipeStrap


Lego RepStrap

FTIStrap - a RepStrap built from FischerTechnik parts

Metalab RepRap Research Team


McWire RepStrapper

Oregon Institute of Technology RepStrap : By Mechanical Engineering Student turned Bank Robber, Stanley Ames.


WolfStrap (German)

Bonsai Repstrap



News: Kent's strapper CNC


Giles Bathgate's OverlapStrap

Triffid Hunter's Wooden Mendel

NumberSix's RepStrap - in Oak

RepStrap V1 and V2

mrkimrobotics 1-Dimensional Reprap 1X2