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The Everything in One Place Library Scenario

Mister Bunny likes to make RepStraps, but also neat Objects like a Carrot Cake Slicer or a Carrot Lathe like they use commercially to make baby carrots.

And he wants to upload his RepStrap to the same Library as his Carrot Cake Slicer. The same way he only uses one website to upload his videos, and one website for his photos.


Example A

Example B

Argument/Counter Argument

Q:"You can just cut and paste that from the Other Space into the Library, right? It's GPL/Creative Commons/..., so what's the problem."

A:"The problem is that the Library is supposed to be place where RepRap user-developers are supposed to feel welcome. If Joe User is comfortable using an Other Space but doesn't want to use the Library, the Library is broken. Also, cutting and pasting by hand is work. And it introduces Hall of Mirrors issues. And lastly, the role of the Library is to make RepRap users feel welcome to upload, not only RepRap developers."
A2: We've tried that. It's no fun.

Q: "But my design has nothing to do with RepRap. Why post it here if it works as well with any other tool? Why would people even look for it in this library?"

A:Well, if it is printed / laser cut with a RepRap, then it has something to do with RepRap. And it is more fun this way. And because making fun, beautiful, or useful things is the whole point of RepRap. If we do it this way, people help make the wiki beautiful, and it will be fun. (TODO: not an answer)
A2: Helping reprap by uploading photographs or cad files is not compulsory. But it is more fun when people help.

Q: "But this wiki does not support Video/3D-Previews/Rendering STL/large files/tags/newest things/featured things/ratings/flattr/Twitter/Buzz/Facebook/... My design would either not be found or poorly presented."

A:Coming soon! (TODO: not an answer --Marcus) (Give it time. --Sebastien) (I gave it more then a nearly 1.5 years. On the internet that's ages. Marcus)

Library Job

It's the responsibility of the Library Staff and Volunteers to make this easy for Mister Bunny so he can spend more time doing research. (And eating Carrot Cake).