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If you have a CNC machine which you control using EMC2 on GNU/Linux, you can just mount the plastic extruder and start printing using EMC2. See here a video that shows EMC2 printing.

Emcrepstrap.jpg EMCRepStrap.jpg

There are at least 2 users that already made an EMCRepStrap and documented and shared their code - brendanjerwin made his EMCRepStrap at 2008 and sam0737 at 2009.

Config EMC for working with plastic extruder

NOTE: This guide follows the work of sam0737 user.


DISPLAY = axis


PYVCP = /absolute/path/to/repstrap-extruder.pyvcp

  • In your EMC ini, there should be a POSTGUI_HALFILE in the [HAL] section. If not, create one :



HALUI = halui

POSTGUI_HALFILE = custom_postgui.hal

  • In the customZpostgui.hal, include the repstrap-excluder.hal file, like this :

source /absolute/path/to/repstrap-extruder.hal

  • Make a change in the input parameter of "steps_per_mm_cube" in that hal file.

The value is number of encoder steps representing 1mm cube

  • Modify RepRapSerialComm.py, make sure the path to your serial device is correct.
  • Soft link the mcode-inject.py to M101, M102, M103, say in the shell, you do:

ln -s mcode-inject.py M101

ln -s mcode-inject.py M102


ln -s mcode-inject.py M108

  • Make sure all of them are marked as executable, say in the shell, you do:

chmod a+x *.py*

  • Hook up your cable and such.
  • Fire up the EMC amd you should see the image: EMCRepStrap.jpg

Cheap CNC machines

It's important to find cheap CNC machines, Ebay is a good source for cheap CNC machines.

3 axis CNC - $225

There is one CNC on Ebay for $250. Here is the page from the seller with some pictures and information about his CNC($225).