Delta Rostock mini G2s pro

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Brife introduction

Delta Rostock mini G2s pro.jpg

This Rostock mini G2s pro upgraded delta 3D printer -Rostock mini G2s.

Compared to its predecessor, this G2s pro has two major merits, it looks cooler and it works better.

The printing effector of the G2s pro is upgraded with metal parts, which are more durable and stable than the prints. The whole machine is craft out of high-quality aluminum and laser cut acrylic plate, making it more stable and smooth when printing, improving the printing accuracy and speed to a higher level.

Delta Rostock mini G2s pro5.jpg

An metal auto-leveling device is also improved on G2s pro; which means you do not have to adjust it every time before you start printing, and with this new metal leveling device, the calibration will be more accurate.

Delta Rostock mini G2s pro1.jpg

In terms of printing filament, G2s pro not only supports PLA and ABS, Nylon and wood filament is also available, which enables more possibilities to create 3D printing project.

Delta Rostock mini G2s pro2.jpg

This G2s pro is powered by our newly designed control system—GT2560 that supports 2 extruders and eliminates the complicated wiring of Mega2560+Ramps 1.4 and it is more space-saving.

With G2s pro you can print a single two-color object, or you can print two objects in one print job, each made from a different color. You can also print one single-color object, as with other single-extruder 3D printers. Or you can use one extruder for infill or support.

This G2s pro is also improved with LCD control panel; you can monitor the printing process in real time and with a SD card it can realize stand-alone printing, very convenient.

Delta Rostock mini G2s pro3.jpg

BOM & Package list

Main features

1.All metal effectors for more stable and smooth printing.

2. With auto-leveling and auto-calibration features.

3. With dual extruder, support multiple way of printing.

4. Support PLA, ABS, Nylon and Wood, giving more possibilities to create 3D printing object.

5. New updated control system.

6. More fluent printing process and higher accuracy.