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Deb-3df github page with source code is intended to be a 'Firmware for 3D Printer Control, that runs on stock Debian (armhf), is 'Gender-Neutral', and is 'Hardware-Neutral'. It is a fork of the Redeem Firmware developed to run on the BeagleBone_Black (BBB) Replicape, without the use of the two Programmable Realtime Units (PRU) on the BBB. It will be rewritten to run as real code, or maybe in a virtual machine, if the BBB chip manufacturer, Texas Instruments, can suport this. Target hardware is the Chip Pro, but is should be able to be made to work on any armhf processor/board. In August 2017 work will begin compiling and building it on Chip and Chip Pro boards, along with redesigning of the SinapTec 3D printer controller, to replace the Arduino_Nano with Chip.