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Community portal

Welcome to the community portal. This is the place to find out what is happening in the RepRap project. Get in contact with fellow RepRappers, learn what tasks need to be done and share news about recent events or current activities taking place in the RepRap universe.

Getting involved

Internet relay chat channel

The internet relay chat (IRC) channel #RepRap on freenode is a fairly active community gathering point for many RepRappers. If you need specific help or want to get involved the IRC channel is a good place to do so.

If you are unfamiliar with IRC you can use your web browser. Just click to join the channel.

Community forum

The RepRap community forum has a lot of information of current RepRap community events. It is a good place to get in touch and collaborate with RepRappers across the world. There is a certain amount of redundancy in the forum and IRC but it seems to work out.

Local User Groups and Hackerspaces

Of particular interest for new RepRappers is the RepRap User Group (RUG) forums which provide local hubs for RepRappers. If you are looking to find local help building a RepRap your local RUG forum or hackerspace may be the best place to start.

There are also RUG wiki pages available for some of the RUGs, although many of these are incomplete.

Helping out


The RepRap project is community driven so helping out can be as simple as making a new extension and blogging about it or posting it in the Development Catalog.

Official software and hardware sources are stored on the RepRap Sourceforge SVN. If you wish to contribute a patch or bug report the RepRap project uses Sourceforge's issue tracker or you can contact Adrian directly if you are interested in gaining commit access although generally the issue tracker is a much faster route to having your patch accessible.


Lets face it, the documentation is sloppy and you've probably got some ideas on how to fix that. Go for it! This mediawiki is open to edit, if you run into troubles or aren't sure how to edit the pages you see here check out the help page (although that page is also a bit of a mess.. seems a bit of a cyclic problem).

You can find more info on the RepRap documentation and the tasks that need be done at the RepRapWiki:Wiki Administration portal.

There is also potentially some interest in doing some RepRap Collaborative Publications however it might be best to ask around on IRC or the forums to see if anyone is currently interested.

In particular, many people think it would be a wonderful thing to simplify the design and document the design in enough detail that a couple of 13-year-olds could build a RepRap: education.


Donations are always appreciated and go towards helping out the RepRap Dev Team

Blogs and Resources

RepRapper Blogs


  • The Core Team consists of active members in the RepRap community that both design parts of the RepRap machine and its software and also run the server, organize releases and review the documentation.
  • RepRap contributors can also be found on the Acknowledgments page

Other Resources