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What is the Clonedel?

The Clonedel is a RepStrap design which is essentially a Prusa Mendel that is modified for easy casting.

Where did these parts come from?

If you got your parts from Metrix Create:Space, they were cast out of a two-part urethane cold-casting plastic compound, called Smooth-On Smooth Cast 325.

The original (positive) masters of these parts were printed on a Zcorp Z400 powder printer at Metrix Create:Space in Seattle around the beginning of March 2011. The design is from Mark Ganter’s lab at the University of Washington, and is a modification of the Prusa Mendel for easy casting.

These parts were printed from the designs located on our GitHub page.

How do I turn this into a printer?

Tools and Supplies

  1. One set of parts
  2. Drill bits:
    1. 3mm
    2. 4mm
    3. 8mm
  3. Tap


  1. Remove the parts from the shipping container.
  2. Locate a drill press and drill out most of the holes.