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Mendel Build Documentation


If you buy the printed circuit boards for Mendel ready-made from MakerBot Industries you will get versions intended for their CupCake machine. These can be used as they stand, but by making a few small changes to them (pliers, forceps, a small screwdriver, and a soldering iron are all that are needed) you can make the Mendel wiring a lot neater. Details of how to do these

If you get kit boards or buy the bare PCBs and then get your own components to populate them you can build them for Mendel from the start, of course. Here are the instructions for building the kit boards yourself. One Mendel will need:

The locations in your download that you made to install RepRap on your computer of the Eagle design files for these circuit boards is given in brackets after the links.

There is a Testing RepRap Electronics page at that link with details of how to test each board.

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