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Release status: Working

An affordable and easy to source/build extruded aluminum linear motion and bearing system
CAD Models
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Cheapskate is designed to use the most widely available type of aluminum extrusion such as 80/20 and similar, as well as one of the most common bearings in the reprap community, the infamous 608 skateboard bearings. It is modular, in that you can modify the length of just the belt and rail to adjust over length, you can use 1020 or similar for more rigidity, and the platform as well as the motor mount can be attached on different sides to make

PartDaddy revised his original design in early Aug/Sept, 2012, to include plastic bearing sleeves before the Rostock MAX kits initially shipped. The sleeves are machined from Delrin brand rod. The bevel on the sleeve provides a nice bearing surface as well as causing the sleeve to pinch the bearing when eccentric cams are tightened. Once the eccentric bearing is tightened, the axle bolt is tightened to hold the position of the cam.

The design was revised again in 2013 for injection molded parts. The molded parts are being tested in March, 2014. The molded cheapskate features a new belt clamp design, integrated spring tension rollers, easy two piece assembly, and R4ZZ size bearings.



CheapSkate profile.jpegCheapSkate iso2.jpeg CheapSkate EndView.jpegCheapSkate motorend.jpeg


You can source standard aluminum extrusion anywhere in the world, unlike the OpenRail or makerslide that use custom extrusions that are not always and not readily available. Everyone probably has a few 608's lying around, and if not, they are very affordable and easy to find. As with any bearing, the better quality, the better the slide. The radius on the bearing and the radius on the extrusion are the contact point, and anodized aluminum extrusion is pretty wear-resistant. Cheapskate would not be ideal for heavy loads, but for lightweight fast linear movement.

Bill of Materials

Part files can be found on

Per original design slide, you will need the following parts

Cheapskate BOM
Qty. 4 608ZZ Ball Bearings The best you can source
Qty. 3 8mm X ? Bolts Stainless, Standard Steel or even Nylon (For the Carriage)
Qty. 1 8mm x ? Bolt Stainless, Standard Steel or even Nylon (For the Idler)
Qty. 4 8mm Nuts To Match the bolts
Qty. 6 8mm ID x ? OD Spacers Could be printed, washer stacks or ?
Qty. 2 Carriage Plates File:68312 CARRIAGE BEARING
Qty. 1 Motor mount plate Files to be added soon
Qty. 1 Idler Plate Files to be added soon
Qty. 1 NEMA Stepper Motor 17 is a standard size
Qty. ? Timing Belt Length based on slide overall length etc...
Qty. 1 Motor Pulley Matched to timing belt and stepper motor