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Ceramic delta

Release status: working

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This is a delta 3D printer designed specifically for printing in clay and to be built with basic DIY skills.
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Ceramic delta is a 3D printer built in 2013 by JKeep in Suffolk, UK.


Design Goals

  • To build a printer specifically for printing with clay.
  • To keep it simple so other artists, designers and potters could build it.
  • That all parts could be made with basic DIY skills or ordered of the internet.
  • That it was made of easily accessible materials and you would not need printed plastic part.
  • A print area of 20x20x25 cm.


The full BOM is in my Studio Journal on my website.


The full build documentation is also in my Studio Journal. Note: The accompanying PDF parts templates where sketched out in Microsoft Word so are not very accurate but are printable on a standard A4 printer and gives a basic cutting pattern that I have altered as I have gone along.