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Rep Straps
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This page is a list of all RepStraps. (See the Glossary#RepStrap for a definition).

A RepStrap is a open-hardware rapid prototyping machine which is made by fabrication processes which aren't under the RepRap umbrella yet. You can build a 3D printer using a tablesaw, or using a lasercutter, and use this to make fun, beautiful, useful things.

Like RepRap parts, of course!

This page is necessarily less structured than the other Builder's Wiki pages, as it depends much more on the particular RepStrap being described.

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There are several possible approaches to building and using a RepStrap. Some alternatives are:

  • I want a Mendel, I can't get Mendel-printed parts, *and* I want some other machine that can do a few things better or faster than a Mendel.
    • often these people build or buy a relatively rugged CNC Mill, briefly use it as a MillStrap to print out a set of Mendel parts, and then return to using it as a milling machine.
  • I want a Mendel, I can't get Mendel-printed parts, so I want a cheap, flimsy bootstrap machine that only needs to hold together long enough and with barely enough precision to print the parts for a complete Mendel. There are two approaches:
    • a flimsy, slow, low-resolution device roughly similar to a Mendel, that is adequate for making slightly higher precision and more robust parts, that is gradually upgraded piece-by-piece until it *becomes* a Mendel.
    • a flimsy, slow, low-resolution device that may or may not look anything like a Mendel, but is adequate for printing *all* the parts for a complete Mendel. Perhaps a MillStrap#Really_small_mill. Once the Mendel is up and running, the entire bootstrap device is disassembled and recycled.
  • I want a RepRap 3D printer, can't afford or do not have access to Mendel printed parts, and want to build it from scratch with no intention to replace or upgrade to Mendel
  • I want a 3D printer that is capable of printing parts and printing a Mendel, so I will purchase a commercial machine or a commercial kit.
  • I want a 3D printer that is capable of printing parts and printing a Mendel, shares all of the same hardware as a Mendel, but is not 3D printed itself. A wood (WoodenMendel) , metal ([[MetalMendel]) or cast plastic printer (Clonedel) falls into this category.

We are currently collaborating on an improved bootstrap process at Development:McWire Successor.

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