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An Extruder Design

This page aims to contain links to all RepRap related development. This is the leading-edge and experimental part of the RepRap experience!

If you are here because you are looking for how to be involved with the development of the RepRap idea itself and want to be a part of it, please contact one of the Core Team here.

You are encouraged to add RepRap- and RepStrap-related work, even if you didn't initially create it; just make sure to attribute it appropriately. Please also include as many pictures and diagrams as you can. These really help understanding.

Adding development work from the Main Blog, the Builder's Blog and the Forums so that new RepRappers can find it is especially appreciated.

How To Add a Development

To add a page to this Development list just edit its page (or create a new one) and copy and paste this template code inserting any details you know:

|description = 
|author = 
|reprap = 
|categories = 
|url = 

To create a page, just type its name into your browser navigation toolbar like this: 

and hit return.

If you choose a name that's already taken by someone else, that page will come up so you will know. If your name is new, you'll get instructions. Click on "edit this page".

Note: The full list of development template parameters can be found on the Template:Development page.

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