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This page is a development stub. Please enhance this page by adding information, cad files, nice big images, and well structured data!

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Release status: Concept

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Largeish Makerslide variant of the Tantilus / Ultimaker concept.
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The C8R is a concept printer at this stage. Design goal: A large(ish) printer that can use a 12"x24" build plate. C8R = a badly misspelled "Creator" (yes, I missed the 'r' as in Cr8r), or more simply "Cate's RepRap".


  • Build Area: Design Target: 12"x24" horizontal build dimensions, 12" vertical build dimensions
  • Fully enclosable for ABS.
  • Multiple Extruder
    • Up to four per ditto platform mechanically, corresponding electronics & software ???


Base Mechanical

  • The basic machine will be targetting a Ultimaker / Tantilus style design. E.g., The carriage moves XY, the build plate moves Z.
  • Currently design is targeting NEMA 23 motors for the three main drive axes, standard NEMA 17 for the extruders.
    • That is just what I bought - I have no idea if 23's are required to move the carriage.


  • Carriage will use V-Slot in place of standard 8mm rod for moving the carriage.
    • Need to do a lot of math, but my suspicion is that in order to span large distances (ultimate goal of making a 2'x4' or 4'x4' printer), rod will deflect quicker than extrusion.
  • Using extrusion also means we can easily position and attach multiple extruder head groups for ditto printing at fairly arbitrary sizes.

Build Surface

  • Hoping that the large build surface will enable both large parts (obviously), and also allow multiple prints at a time (large scale "ditto" printing).
  • Because it is a large bed, likely will be looking at synchronized lead screw setups.

As design gets drawn in CAD, links and images will be posted here.