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HydraRaptor Blog - NopHead's blog about "My attempts to make a rapid prototyping machine that I will use to make parts for a machine that will be able to make parts for a copy of itself."

Erik's Blog - Erik de Bruijn's blog "Discussing IT, personal fabrication and a new and better world."

RepStrapping Darwin - Bruce Wattendorf's blog documenting his RepRap construction.

Steve's RepRap Journal - "It's so crazy , it just might work."

Photo Album Of A Darwin Being Built - Kyle Ronan's photo journal of his quest to build a RepRap

Renoir's Rants - An off-the-shelf RepRap build using standard kits.

MetaRepRapBlog Research blog documenting the progress of the RepRap activities at Metalab (amazing quality prints)

Detroit Reprap Builders

Web Sites

Official Forums - Discussions regarding all topics and great for asking questions.
Main website- general info along with building instructions.
RepRap SourceForge project page - Files and code for RepRap. - Half Blog Half website chronicling the developments and contributions to Tommelise, a 3d printer inspired by the RepRap project.