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Release status: Testing

Gearmotor Extruder
CAD Models
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Brustruder is the final product of a preHuxley mini Mendel development by SpaceXULA named Brutis. Due to the small size of a Huxley, an extruder much smaller than a Wades would be needed for the X axis. This extruder was SpaceXULA's attempt to make a smaller, more reliable gear driven extruder than what was available at the time.


In testing

Mechanical Construction

Extruder block & Idler for Brutstruder, still in testing File:Alphabrutstruderblock.stl File:Alphabrutstruderidler.stl

Non printed parts:

* 1 X 608 bearing (Skateboard bearings);
* 1 X 606 bearing (Comes with the Mk4 extruder);
* 1 x threaded pulley for 6mm motor Shaft, available from Makerbot as Mk5 drive gear or off ebay 
* 2 X M8 washers;
* 1 X M8X20 piece of smooth bar, threaded bar or a bolt;
* 4 X M4X45 socket caps;
* 8 X M4 washers;
* 2 X M3X35 bolts;
* 4 X Springs - 4mm ID, 10 mm long, but because you control the tension
your spring choice is not critical
* 1 Kysan 1156006 gearmotor, the one that comes with a Mk4 extruder
from Makerbot, also available directly from Kysan;

[1]Blog entries:

New Extruder for Brutis

It's the Kysan/Makerbot gearmotor using the MK5 wormgear and a 608 bearing idler like a wades extruder. [[2]] /u/2/rDfqKXrQ0lI]