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This is an abandoned project and is no longer maintained. Please see any of the Prusa Mendel variations and versions instead.

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Example Development

Release status: unknown

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documenting a generic tool/artpiece
CAD Models
External Link

This is 600 pixels wide, and on the left.

Brutis Mini-Mendel based on the Prusa Mendel

Brutis the Alpha months

Long before there was a Huxley, a re-design of Mini-Mendel was started by Spacexula. A great deal of time and effort went into Brutis with assembly videos on utube, Cad design in HeeksCad etc. These files are available below. They have not been tested, or even printed. They became Orphaned when the very simple Prusa Mendel was previewed. Have picked up the project with a new focus. - Prober

Brutis New focus

Prusa Mendel shrink and enhancement

Your-File-Name SOLID MODEL ASSEMBLY Still very early in development. --Example User Aug.14-2010
Your-File-Name CAD FILES FOR PARTS These are CAD files for each part., --Example User 12:00, Today's Date 20xx (UTC)
Your-File-Name EVEN MORE FILES These are are even more files., --Example User 12:00, Today's Date 20xx (UTC)|-
Your-File-Name SOLID MODEL ASSEMBLY This is the final finished machine N/A --Example User 12:00, Tomorrow's Date, 20xx (UTC)

Working Notes

Blog entries

Forum/Mailing List

Neueste Forum-Beiträge:

New Extruder for Brutis aka "Brutstruder"

It's the Kysan/Makerbot gearmotor using the MK5 wormgear and a 608 bearing idler like a Wade's Extruder.

Brutstruder’s first extrusion [1]

[2] Sept 5th. 2010 Brutstruder Released for first tests. [3]

Sept 9th. 2010 Brutstruder Released on Thingiverse for first tests. [4]

Sept 9th. 2010 "Brutstruder" to standard IGES format [5]

Sept 11th. 2010 Brutstruder Mount released. [6]

The design files: Alpha they have been uploaded to [7]Sourceforge here.

The design files: Brutis Mini-Mendel based on the Prusa Mendel [8]

"Brutis" mini-Mendel test print [9]