BIQ Opto Endstop

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BIQ Opto Endstop

Release status: working

Revision 0.1
CAD Models
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RepRap compatible Opto Endstop using an Opto End stop with a 0.5mm beam slightly smaller than the HB102 beam wdith of 0.8mm.

The opening of the interrupter is 5mm allowing for a 3mm black perspex interrupter tag designed for use on Huxley Seedling but can be used on All RepRaps.

The output of all three versions is an Open collector active High signal.

Active high means a 1 is made when the end-stop is triggered.

Project goal was to Design:

A small low cost PCB < £1.00 for 3 bare PCBS.

Low cost of components.

With a smaller beam to break.

Wider opening for a 3mm interrupter and little more clearance.

Three circuit build configurations. ECO, standard, and Illuminated.

Reprap Standard mounting centres. (holes)

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Full Kits

Master Schematic of board

CCT BiQoptofull.png

Master CCT of the PCB.



ECO Schematic

(easy to build Discreet components)

The Led is on all the time for setting up your end-stops.

Once the RepRap is set-up the link can be removed as you do not need to see the led going off/on.

In the same way your scanner or paper printer has not got a Led on its end stops.

An open collector drive gives better noise immunity.

(however adding a 10K surface mount pull up resistor is an option.)

CCT BiQoptoeco.png

Standard Schematic

(more difficult to build Discreet components with one Surface mount resistor)

The Led is off all the time and is only activated when the end stop is triggered.

This gives the same function as most of the other RepRap end stops.

CCT BiQoptostd.png

Illuminated Schematic

(difficult to build Discreet components with two Surface mount resistors)

The Led is slightly on all the time and brightens when the end stop is triggered.

Its function can also be enabled and disabled by the link.

An open collector drive gives better noise immunity.

(however adding a 10K surface mount pull up resistor is an option.)

CCT BiQoptoillu.png


Components ECO

CCT BiQoptoeco.jpg

Components STD

CCT BiQoptostd.jpg

Components Iliminated

CCT BiQoptoillu.jpg

Soldering Instructions

Building 3 ECO PCBs

CCT BiQoptoeco1.jpg

CCT BiQoptoeco2.jpg

CCT BiQoptoeco3.jpg

CCT BiQoptoeco4.jpg

Building 3 STD PCBs

CCT BiQoptostd1.jpg

CCT BiQoptostd2.jpg

CCT BiQoptostd3.jpg

CCT BiQoptostd4.jpg

Building 3 Iluminated PCBs

CCT BiQoptoillu1.jpg

CCT BiQoptoillu2.jpg

CCT BiQoptoillu3.jpg

CCT BiQoptoillu4.jpg

To be updated with files and build pictures.

BIQOptoendstop2.jpg.jpg BIQOptoendstop3.jpg.jpg