Phase 1

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Phase 1

Release status: working

Description An affordable high performance 3D printer
License GPL
Author Willp3d
Based-on [[_]]
Categories Cartesian-XZ-head
CAD Models Thingiverse Files
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Phase 1 is the most affordable high quality 3D printer.


Phase 1 was created to be the best value 3D printer available. Phase 1 prints reliably and accurately at a price that anyone can afford. Phase 1 affordably delivers the full experience of assembling a RepRap 3D printer without sacrificing performance and build volume.


  • 200 x 200 x 200mm Build Volume
  • MK3 Heated Bed Standard
  • Printing Speeds of up to 60 mm/s (faster has not been tested)
  • Fits all e3D hotends
  • Print Resolution down to 50 microns