NEMA 17 Stepper motor

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NEMA 17 Stepper motor


A NEMA 17 sized stepper motor.
Wikipedia Stepper motor

another NEMA-17 size motor

A NEMA 17 stepper motor is a stepper motor with a 1.7 x 1.7 inch (43.2 x 43.2 mm) faceplate. The NEMA 17 is larger and generally heavier than for example a NEMA 14, but this also means it has more room to put a higher torque. However, its size is not an indication of its power.



Step motor nema 17 stepper motor.jpg


There are many online Shop selling different types of motors Below is a non-exhaustive list of possible motors and suppliers.

You are welcome to add information on a stepper motor/vendor you encounter, but please add only steppers not other motors which were tested to actually work on some or all printer.

Manufacturer Model Holding torque Rated voltage Shaft Step angle Motor length Additional notes Vendor (shipping location)
3D Acessories Hub SH 47-1704 A 43 N·cm   Ø 5 mm Dual 1.8° 42 mm 3D Acessories Hub (IN)
Casun 42SHD0404-22 52 N·cm 3.84 V Ø 5 mm Single 1.8° 48 mm DIYTechShop (US)
Kysan 42BYGH4803 (SKU 1124030) 54.0 N·cm 4.2 V Ø 5 mm single 1.8° 48 mm   Kysan (CN)

XYZPrinters (NL)

Kysan 42BYGH4803-DC (SKU 1124090) 54.0 N·cm 4.2 V Ø 5 mm single 1.8° 48 mm Same as 42BYGH4803, but with flat on the shaft. 3D Maker World (US)

Ultibots (US)

Kysan 1040222 88 N·cm 2.6 V Ø 5 mm single 1.8° 48 mm Gear ratio:  5.2:1 3D Maker World (US)
LDO Motors LDO-42STH47-1684A 50 N·cm 2.8 V Ø 5 mm single or dula 1.8° 47 mm Also with flat on the shaft available. LDO Motors (CN)
Lin Engineering 4118S-62-07 31 N·cm   Ø 5 mm 1.8° The Cupcake CNC uses several little 4118S-62-07 stepper motors. Per phase: 2.5 A, 0.93 mH.
Longs Motor 17HS4417 40.0 N·cm 2.6 V Ø 5 mm single 1.8° 40 mm   2PrintBeta (DE)

Charlie's 3D Technologies (BE)

Mercury Motor SM-42BYG011-25 23.0 N·cm 12 V Ø 5 mm single 1.8° 34 mm Rated voltage higher than ideal for running on 12 V current chopping drivers. Abra (US & CA)

Akizuki Denshi Tsusho (JP)
Australian Robotics (AU)
Cool Components (UK)
MindKits (NZ)
Robot Gear (AU)
SparkFun (US)

RobotDigg 17HS1011-20B 28.0 N·cm 4.8 V Ø 5 mm single 1.8° 34 mm Also with flat on the shaft available. RobotDigg (CN)
RobotDigg 17HS3001-20B 40.0 N·cm 2.0 V Ø 5 mm single 1.8° 40 mm Also with flat on the shaft available. RobotDigg (CN)
RobotDigg 17HS5005-S24 44.0 N·cm 3 V Ø 5 mm double 1.8° 48 mm Double Shaft RobotDigg (CN)
RobotDigg 17HS6002-27B 65.0 N·cm 4.05 V Ø 5 mm single flat 1.8° 60 mm Also with flat on the shaft available. RobotDigg (CN)
Unknown 17HD2038E 45.0 N·cm   Ø 5 mm single 1.8°     EckerTech (CA)
Unknown 17HS19-1684S 55 N·cm 2.8 V Ø 5 mm single 1.8° 47 mm Custom model. Reprap Austria (AT)
Servo Corporation KH42JM2B087C 33 N·cm 6.7 V Ø 5 mm single 1.8° 42 mm Custom built. DIYTechShop (US)
SOYO SY42STH47-1206A 31.1 N·cm 4.0 V Ø 5 mm single 1.8° 40 mm   Pololu (US)

Watterott (DE)
Zapp (UK)

SOYO SY42STH47-1504A 55.0 N·cm 2.8 V Ø 5 mm 1.8° 47 mm Flat on the shaft. LulzBot (US)
SOYO SY42STH47-1684A 43.1 N·cm 2.8 V Ø 5 mm single 1.8° 48 mm Some vendors have longer than standard cables. Per phase: 1.68 A, 2.8 mH. 3Distributed (UK) (CH)
LDO Motors (CN)
Paoparts (FR)
TU Delft Group (NL)
Zapp (UK)

SOYO SY42STH47-1684B 43.1 N·cm 2.8 V Ø 5 mm double 1.8° 48 mm Same as SY42STH47-1684A, but double shaft. LDO Motors (CN)

Mendel-Parts (NL)
Zapp (UK)

Thingibox TB35HT36-1004A 35.3 N·cm 2.8 V Ø 5 mm single 1.8° 36 mm Thingibox (ES)
Thingibox TB35HT36-1004B 35.3 N·cm 2.8 V Ø 5 mm double 1.8° 36 mm Thingibox (ES)
Trinamic QSH4218-51-049 49 N·cm   Ø 5 mm 1.8° 47 mm Tested on MakerBot Cupcake CNC Reichelt (DE)
Wantai 42BYGH W811 47.0 N·cm 3.1 V Ø 5 mm 1.8° 48 mm Variant with flat on the shaft available. Cubic-Print (DE)

electronic-things (DE)
Phidgets (US)
RepRap teile (DE)
ReprapWorld (NL)
Createc 3D (ES)

Wantai Custom for QU-BD 49.0 N·cm 3.6 V Ø 5 mm single 1.8° 48 mm   QU-BD (US)
Unknown Unknown 32.4 N·cm 2.8 V Ø 5 mm single 0.9° 43 mm   MatterHackers (US)
Makemendel 4.4 Kg·cm 2.8 V Ø 5 mm single 1.8° 47 mm Makemendel (IN)

These were listed as "not tested" earlier, so your mileage may vary:

Manufacturer Model Holding torque Rated voltage Shaft Step angle Motor length Additional notes Vendor (shipping location)
Lin Engineering 417-11-48-02 7.0 N·cm   Ø 5 mm 1.8° 28 mm May be too weak. Alltronics (US)
Lin Engineering 4018X-07-04 11.0 N·cm   Ø 5 mm 1.8° 26 mm May be too weak.  
Lin Engineering 4118L-25P-07R0 48.5 N·cm   Ø 5 mm 1.8° 48 mm   Alltronics (US)
Nidec Servo KH4248-B95101 48 N·cm   Ø 5 mm single 1.8° 48 mm   Mechapro (DE)
Oriental Motors PK244-01AA 33.0 N·cm 5.6 V Ø 5 mm single 1.8° 39 mm Bipolar/Unipolar. Holding torque/volts listed for Bipolor mode eBay? (Worldwide)
Oriental Motors PX243M-03AA 20.0 N·cm   single 0.9° 42 mm   Interinar Electronics LLC (US)
Oriental Motors PX243M-01AA 15.0 N·cm   Ø 5 mm single 0.9° 33 mm Uses Imperial #4-40 TPI mounting holes instead of M3 metric. Interinar Electronics LLC (US)
Oriental Motors PKE245DA-L 55.0 N·cm   Ø 5 mm single 1.8° 47 mm Oriental motor (JP/US)
Rugao Xinhe 17H185H-04A 43.8 N·cm 2.8 V Ø 5 mm single 1.8° 42 mm   AusXmods (AU)
Rugao Xinhe 17H185H-04B 43.8 N·cm 2.8 V Ø 5 mm double 1.8° 42 mm   AusXmods (AU)
SANYO DENKI (Japan) KH42KM2R001 45 N·cm   Ø 5 mm        
Wantai Motor 42BYGHM809 48 N·cm 3 V Ø 5 mm 0.9° 48 mm SparkFun (US)
Custom 42BYGH404 31 N·cm   Ø 5 mm single 1.8° 49 mm   MPJA (US)

Part number decoding

You can decode the part number written on Shinano Kenshi motors with the SKC Stepping Motor Part Number decoder at Shinano Kenshi: "Stepping Motor Operation & Theory".

You can decode Lin Engineering part numbers written on it with the "Lin part number system" decoder on p.1 and p.2 of the Lin Engineering Catalog. Page 9 of the Lin Engineering catalog explains the part numbering system.